Lady Luck


Lady Luck is our adult only pom dance team and has a strong focus on dance choreography and technique. Many members of this team have come from a background of dancing, including ballet, jazz, modern and lyrical, as well as hip hop! Lady Luck is Ultimate Cheer’s first adult dance team in London.



This is the perfect team to join if you have any background in dancing, or just love to dance and want to nurture your skills within a social team environment. There are many solo dance class offerings in London, but with Lady Luck you get everything you would at a dance class- great choreography, technique lessons and skill development, but also get to participate in the team environment and enjoy all the Ultimate Cheer socials that go along with it! Being part of the team means you’re always supporting eachother to be the best you can be, and mastering skills is so much more rewarding when you have friends cheering you on. We often go to the local pub for a drink after training too, just round the corner from where we train. These help everyone get to know eachother better, and help create the friends for life that Ultimate Cheer are famous for!



Lady Luck dancers are dancers who love learning fun and creative choreography and performing at it at the highest standard at National competitions. Half of each training session will be spent on flexibility development, technique drills and learning the Pom Dance formations and arm motions to execute the style effectively on stage. The other half of the sessions will be used to learn portions of the choreography for our competition routines, and once we have our two-and-a-half-minute routine completed, the team spends time perfecting each move and motion. Anyone with existing ballet, dance or gymnastics skills will already have a great foundation to build on for their turns, leaps and jumps, and time will be spent working on elite moves for those capable of these!


Like the other teams in the programme, Lady Luck compete at a number of Cheerleading Competitions in the dance division across the UK. These happen throughout the year and will often involve a weekend trip away and stay in a hotel with all your teammates. It’s so much fun to show everyone what you’ve been working on, meet other teams and bond with your own on a mini trip away.



The team is so friendly and supportive, with some athletes loving it so much they’ve stayed with us since the very first training session two years ago and are still coming back for more! Everyone helps eachother with any skills they might be struggling with, and you’re encouraged to be the best you can be for the team each session. Everyone has made genuine friendships within the team which is the most important part of Ultimate Cheer!



  • Coaches: Nat
  • Level: N/A
  • Age: 18+
  • Training times: Wednesday 7.00 – 8.00 pm
Adult Dance in London