Bring a Friend to Cheer

Ultimate Cheer regularly hosts Bring a Friend to Cheer sessions. These are designated classes in which athletes can bring 1 (or more) friends to Ultimate Cheer! These practices are always fun and so exciting! Athletes get to cheer with their bestie, and their friend gets to try a new sport!


Bring a Friend to Cheer is not a new concept, in fact most cheer teams from around the world run Bring a Friend to Cheer classes! From teams across the world, Bring a Friend to Cheer is a tried and tested concept that is used around the world; it allows lots of people, who would probably never try cheer, to have a go!


In order to participate in our Bring a Friend to Cheer, all you need to do is:

  1. Invite your friend (or friends) to the class
  2. Get them to complete this short registration form


The culture of Cheerleading is based on teamwork and inclusivity. We really want to make sure that our athletes have the best cheerleading experience they can. Bring a Friend to Cheer allows new athletes to experience cheerleading and being a member of the team. Ultimately, as cheer is a team sport, these sessions allow all athletes to learn more skills, progress more quickly and have fun while doing so!