Carte Rouge


Carte Rouge is our kids cheerleading team which is aimed at teenagers. It competes competitively at competitions across the UK and is great for those who have done some cheer or gymnastics before. The team has a great positive vibe and are all amazing friends!



Starting cheerleading at this age can allow kids to find a sport they like outside of the usual school curriculum sports. It’s perfect for kids that haven’t found a sport they’re passionate about yet or rather love sport and want to diversify their exercise sources. They may not be keen on the standard school sports or want to try something different for extra curricular. Cheerleading will keep kids fit and healthy and inspire them to stay active and keep moving. It is a unique and dynamic sport, which builds both strength and cardio, challenging and developing a broad range of muscles and body movements. It’s unlike any sport and different from what kids tend to get offered at school.


It is also such a great age to make a group of friends outside of school! Taking part in after school clubs at school often means children miss out on meeting a different circle of friends from different backgrounds. Our club provides the perfect opportunity to broaden children’s social horizons.


The transferable skills are also invaluable, teaching the kids teamwork, dedication and building their confidence whilst mastering a skill which expands across dance, gymnastics and strength. Cheerleading looks amazing on a CV or University application!


So many adults pick up cheer at university and joining this younger team can give them a head start in a sport they’ll go on to love. It’s a passion that’s easy to continue to adulthood and can be enjoyed by all ages. There’s also no limit to how good you can get and the skills you can learn! The sky really is the limit.




Our whole carte rouge team are great friends and so supportive of each other. Equally important, the mums of carte rouge are all friends as well! They do their own parent socials and come along together for the kids cheerleading competitions! It’s so much fun for everyone to have away competitions where the team and parents can all become closer whilst showing off their hard work and skill achievements!



Team info

  • Coaches: Tasmin, Roxy
  • Level: Level 1
  • Age: 10+
  • Training times: Wednesday – 5:30 – 7:00 PM
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