Development Cheerleading teams

Adult Development Teams (Level 1-5+)
Adult cheerleading in London

Want to level up your cheerleading skills in an inclusive, fun, and progressive environment? This team is for you!! Offering a unique opportunity to focus on stunt and sequence development across the range of cheerleading levels 1-5+.

Unlike any other UK cheerleading programme, Ultimate Cheer has developed a self-guided development approach, providing the tools and coaching guidance to progress tailored to your needs.

Adult cheerleading in London

Division: Non-competitive

Age Range: Adults only 18+

Coaches: Izzy, Beth and Brodie

Team Characteristics: Encouraging, welcoming and inclusive

Under 18’s Development Teams (Level 1 - 3)
Adult cheerleading in London

This team is a crossover for our competitive members, they train once a week and is  aimed to help athletes level up and allow them to challenge themselves to achieve those higher-level skills. The class is split into the teams: snap (level 1), shuffle (level 2) and snap (level 3). These classes are so much fun, allowing athletes to create challenging and creative mini routines each half term in a supportive environment.

Adult cheerleading in London

Division: Development Levels 1-3

Age Range: Under 18’s

Coaches: Roxy, Brodie, and Karina

Team Characteristics: Adventurous, challenging, and bubbly