Level Up! (Group stunt)



This season the Ultimate Cheer programme are adding a NEW team: Level Up! Group stunts. Group stunts consist of 5 athletes in a stunt group creating a 1.15 minute exclusively stunt oriented routine to take to competitions in a separate Group Stunt division. Athletes can apply to be considered for group stunt at their usual tryout sessions. At Ultimate Cheer we are creating these teams as an opportunity to progress to the level above your current skill set. This will give you a chance to try out new and more challenging cheerleading stunts which will help you gain a place on a higher level team in the following season.




This team is for anyone who wants to move up a level and try new and more challenging stunts. It will give athletes the opportunity to work in a smaller group additionally, alongside their main Ultimate Cheer team. Their stunt group skills usually be a higher level to their main team which will support their progress and help them master their skills on both. The additional practice and focus on more challenging stunts will also help them level up next season. The small nature of the group will allow a more focused approach to training and give more practice time for their stunts. It will really be an opportunity to shine at competition and also bond with your stunt group!




Training will be focused around stunting, so athletes won’t expect to spend time on jumps, dance or tumbles. This is therefore great for anyone who enjoys stunting the most. You will be placed with a group of similar ability and practice different cheerleading stunts to really see what you are capable of. We want to be bringing the best and more creative routines to competition and with the routines being solely stunting it gives you so much more time to improve on these specific skills! You will be amazed at what you are capable of by competition time!




The team will be made up of separate stunt groups that will train in the same facilities but on separate routines. There will therefore be lots of opportunities to perform your latest stunt or sequence to the rest of the class and get cheered on for your achievements. It will really allow you to work closely with a group and see accelerated improvement in cheerleading stunts whilst also being able to cheer on the other Ultimate Cheer stunt groups! People on this team will be ambitious and ready to progress for competition and to progress within the Ultimate Cheer programme.


Ultimate cheer is all about progression and improvement. Crossing over to another team including Level Up! is only £20 more a month (allowed with all classes except tumbling) and will give you a chance to work on harder skills, improve and Level Up!




  • Coaches: Tasmin
  • Level: Multiple levels (2 and above)
  • Age: 10+ (kids and adults)
  • Training dates: Thursday 9:00-10:00pm