Tumbling Classes

Adult Tumbling


Tumbling is similar to the floor element of gymnastics where you see gymnasts or cheerleader’s flipping and doing somersaults across the room! Many people looking for gymnastics classes often discover it is actually the tumbling element which appealed most to them.

Ultimate Cheer offers adult tumbling classes with equipment in-house which means you won’t need to travel anywhere to practice your improving tumbling skills. We have a sprung tumble track, a 7 panel Cheer floor and an air track. This means no matter what your skill set we have equipment which can safely get you to the next step in learning a new skill.



This class is suitable for those who are new to tumbling, as well as athletes with previous or advanced gymnastics experience. We have some amazing coaches, excellent tumbling/gym equipment and classes which will cover the fundamentals of tumbling, with a strong focus on perfecting technique and achieving new skills.

The class will be separate from cheer focusing only on the gymnastics element. It will cover standing and running tumbling (both important aspects of competitive Cheer routines). It is perfect for athletes wanting to improve their tumbling skills to use in their cheer routines or alternatively for anyone who is solely interested in learning to tumble without the Cheerleading aspect. It will help prepare athletes to execute competition-standard cheerleading routines, as well as more advanced skills when older.



During training you will warm up as a group and work on some strength and conditioning drills before separating into smaller groups based on the skill you want to work on. There will be qualified coaches on hand to safely help you transition from the very beginning stages of learning to perfecting each tumble! The progress athletes make is incredible!



Adult gymnastics classes involve a number of elements including floor, tumble, bar and beam. Our coed adult tumbling classes allow athletes to focus on the most popular aspect of gymnastics, tumbling! We have the experience and equipment to get you flipping! We also organise regular socials providing an excellent way to make new friends and keep fit in a fun way. For this reason many adults choose to try cheerleading and tumbling as it’s a fun way to learn new tricks, build strength and make a whole team of friends.


  • Age Range: Adults only 18+
  • Coaches: Immy and Leilia
Kids Tumbling


Are you looking for kids gymnastics classes? Cheerleading and tumbling offers similar opportunities whilst benefiting from being a team sport! This season your child will not only learn fundamental tumbling skills, but also develop invaluable teamwork and social skills whilst building their confidence and making lifelong friendships! Children can start learning to tumble with us from the age of 6!



Our children’s tumble team is for anyone wanting to either put in extra work into their tumbling alongside their usual cheerleading sessions or for any kids wanting to focus their attention on tumbling alone without joining a cheerleading team. Either way, your child will get the support needed to consistently progress their tumble skills both safely and quickly.

It is also great for any children that have done gymnastics previously or other sports such as trampolining. People often find that they appeal to tumbling the most when they start gymnastics, and this is the perfect opportunity to focus on just that! You won’t need to spend any time on skills you are not interested in learning and the class and coaches will offer a flexible approach where children can choose what goals they would like to work towards. This team has the benefits of gymnastics but in a much more sociable environment where they can really maintain the team spirit of a cheer squad.



We have trained coaches on hand to spot a child or give them drills to practice in sessions or at home. They can explain the fundamentals of different skills and lay out the steps needed to achieve each one. We have full sprung tumble tracks and an air track alongside other tumbling equipment. This helps children gradually progress their tumbles until they are ready to attempt them on the floor.



The team will be all children who are eager to learn some new tumbling skills. You will quickly be introduced to the rest of the group on arrival and get consistent support throughout the sessions. The kids are all so supportive of each other and get so excited when people achieve a new stunt! Any children who really enjoy these classes will always have the option to join one of the cheer squads so they can get the best of both and spend more time exercising with their new teammates.


  • Age Range: Under 18’s
  • Due to popularity we run multiple classes a week
  • Coaches: Immy, Brodie, Evie, Amy, Roxy, and Karina

Advanced Tumbling

Are you looking for an advanced tumble class? Have you perfected your tumble fundamentals and want to move on to more challenging skills in a safe and structured environment? Ultimate Cheer advanced tumble class is for you. Not only will you learn new skills but you will have great coaches and make a group of new friends in the weekly class!


Our advanced tumble class is suitable for those who have mastered basic tumble skills and are looking to progress to more complex skills. This class requires athletes to have mastered their level 1 tumbles, which includes front and back walkovers. They will be working on their level 2 and above skills, which can include back handsprings, tucks and layouts. During the class, you will warm up as a group and work on some strength and conditioning drills before separating into smaller groups based on the skill you want to work on. This class is structured and the qualified coaches will guide you through the entire session.

Our advanced tumble coaches are highly experienced and the class is led by an ex-GB gymnast. This means all athletes are getting excellent training and feedback in the class, helping them to progress to be the most accomplished they can be. Our coaches are great at working with athletes to understand how they can improve in the way best suited to their learning style. They are skilled at taking athletes with basic tumble skills and helping them learn more challenging passes, with a strong emphasis on technique.

The team will be experienced tumblers and gymnasts who are working towards perfecting more advanced skills. This team has a great work ethic – there is a strong focus on conditioning and drills to ensure that all skills are learnt safely and drills are perfected before progressing. This team is made up of competitive Cheerleaders and advanced tumblers who want to pursue this as a hobby. The group are extremely supportive – they are always motivating each other when working on new tricks and cheering each other on when they get a new skill.


  • Age Range: All ages
  • Athletes must have perfect front and back walkovers
  • Coaches: Immy and Leila