Code of Conduct

Ultimate Cheer athletes and parents are held to a high standard of behaviour. Our members adhere to the code of conduct to help ensure that they become the best athlete they can be. These guidelines help create the safe, welcoming environment that is at the core of Ultimate Cheer.


Athlete and Parent responsibilities:

  • I understand that this is a one season (September-June) commitment, and that my team depend on me to fulfill my commitment to the squad. I agree to attend all team training and showcases
  • I will wear Ultimate Cheer training kit to all practice sessions
  • I will be courteous, polite and friendly to my teammates and coaches
  • I will not use inappropriate language or participate in inappropriate behaviour
  • I will not wear jewelry during training or competition
  • I will not share/post videos of routine choreography
  • Both athletes and parents agree to use social media in a positive and sportsmanlike manner
  • Please understand that it is Ultimate Cheer’s policy that coaches do not accept requests from athletes or parents to Friend or Follow them on any social media

Financial Obligations

  • I agree to pay the Ultimate Cheer fees as outlined in the Information Packet.
  • Monthly fees will be paid no later than the dates outlined in the New Member Information sheet. Please note any holiday or time off taken by any member does not allow them a reduction in their monthly fee.
  • All Ultimate Cheer members assume full responsibility for all costs incurred and understand they are contracted to pay regardless of any circumstance that may arise including dismissal from the programme.
  • If a member chooses to leave or is asked to leave Ultimate Cheer for any reason before the season is over, the member must pay for all training undertaken. Money paid in advance is non-refundable.

Ultimate Cheer reserves the right to:

  • Place its athletes on the team(s) it feels will best suit the athlete and the programme. This includes moving an athlete to a different team.
  • Decide the roles and/or positions an athlete will have on their team e.g. Base, Flyer, Back Spot, Tumbler etc