Code of Conduct

Keys to a successful season


V1.3 [Updated 14/9/2019]

Ultimate Cheer athletes and parents are held to a high standard of behaviour. Our members adhere to the code of conduct to help ensure that they become the best athletes they can be. These guidelines help create a safe, welcoming environment that is at the core of Ultimate Cheer.


Athlete Expectations
Athletes and parents understand that this is a one season (September-July) commitment, and that the team depends on you to fulfil your commitment to the squad.
Athletes agree to attend all team training and showcases
Athletes are expected to wear Ultimate Cheer training kit to all practice sessions
Athletes will not wear jewellery during training or competition
Long hair must be tied up neat and secure at all times.
Athletes must treat all Ultimate Cheer staff and guest coaches with respect.
Athletes must communicate with coaches to ensure they stay healthy and are having fun.
Athletes are expected to be courteous, polite and friendly to teammates and coaches
Athletes are expected to will not use inappropriate language or participate in inappropriate behaviour
Please be punctual and leave time for changing before the class starts.
Please leave all valuables at home. Ultimate Cheer are not responsible for lost or missing items.
Please inform your coach if you have any problem that restricts your training.
Do not enter the gymnasium training area without a coach being present.
Do not work on any apparatus without a coaches permission.
As a matter of safety gymnasts are expected to ask permission to leave the gymnasium during a training session.
Athletes are expected to maintain the skills they had at tryouts. Athletes may be moved if they are not holding true to this.
All accidents, however small, must be reported to your coach.
Athletes will not share/post videos of routine choreography



Parent’s Responsibilities
Parents understand that their role is to support their athlete in a positive manner.
Information on communication methods within the club will be sent out after tryouts
Support your athlete by ensuring they wear correct training kit and adhere to our attendance policy
We value our Cheer parents and their role within the club! Parents are encouraged to sit together and support all Ultimate Cheer teams at events.
Parents are not permitted in the gym unless asked by a coach
All children must be brought into Bolingbroke Sports Hall and not dropped off in the car park/outside.
Parent/escort must register the child/children with the coach and then stay with the child until the start of the session.
All athletes must go to the toilet before the class starts. All athletes must be able to go to the toilet on their own, if they need assistance a parent must wait in the waiting area to take the to the toilet during the lesson.
Parent/escort must arrive at least 5 minutes before the class ends for pick up.
All children must be picked up from the reception area/waiting area by the adult named on the membership form.
If you are not able to pick up on time then you must stay in the reception area for the duration of the session.
All parents must be contactable by phone when the children are in the class.
Please make sure your child knows to come and find a coach/adult if they cannot see the person responsible for collecting them and not to leave the building under any circumstance.
It is your responsibility as the parent or legal guardian of the member/child, or athlete (if over 18) to keep your information with Ultimate Cheer up to date. This includes, but is not limited to, contact details, emergency contact details, any medical conditions, injuries/operations, any allergies or medication.



Financial Obligations
Members agree to pay the Ultimate Cheer fees as outlined in the Information Packet.
Monthly fees will be paid no later than the dates provided by Ultimate Cheer. Please note any holiday or time off taken by any member does not allow them a reduction in their fees.
Your booking is not confirmed until payment has been received
All Ultimate Cheer members assume full responsibility for all costs incurred and understand they are contracted to pay regardless of any circumstance that may arise including dismissal from the programme for reasons within the reasonable discretion of Ultimate Cheer.
If a member chooses to leave or is asked to leave Ultimate Cheer for any reason before the season is over, the member must pay for all training undertaken. They must also pay for all outstanding fees, including fees that have been paid to external 3rd party providers on the athlete or parents behalf, for example competition entry fees or spectator tickets. Money paid in advance is non-refundable.
Payments will be returned if a class has to be cancelled due to minimum numbers not being achieved.



Ultimate Cheer rules
Parents and athletes cannot sell or create their own Ultimate Cheer CLOTHING or MERCHANDISE for personal use or for sale. This includes the use of team names and any likeness to logo, affiliation and/or program. Any violation, will result in dismissal from the entire programme.
Both athletes and parents agree to use social media in a positive and sportsmanlike manner. Any negative posts are grounds for dismissal from the programme. Please understand that it is Ultimate Cheer’s policy that coaches do not accept requests from athletes or parents to Friend or Follow them on any social media
Cheerleading is a TEAM sport, therefore the team always comes first. Ultimate Cheer reserves the right to place its athletes on the team(s) it feels will best suit the athlete and the programme. Routines may change and roles may swap, please always support the coaches and understand they are making the best decision for the team.