Code of Conduct

V1.8 [Updated 11/06/2024]

Club ethos 

We want you! 

We are welcoming, friendly and open! We take pride in the fact that our athletes approach new members, introduce themselves and help them feel immediately at home! 

We have FUN 

Cheerleading is the BEST sport around and our athletes have fun - at training, competition and our regular socials! 

‘Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you never get it wrong’ We work hard at Ultimate Cheer because we want to help all of our athletes achieve their goals and be the best Cheerleaders they can be! We are focused, dedicated and relentless. 

Lift each other up! 

Teammates are there to lift each other up and help each other achieve their goals. We always support and celebrate our teammates' achievements; we never criticize or blame them. Ultimate Cheer athletes are the ones jumping around, cheering and supporting their friend when they get a new skill! 

Code of Conduct 

Ultimate Cheer athletes and parents are held to a high standard of behaviour. Our members adhere to the code of conduct to help ensure that they become the best athletes they can be. These guidelines help create a safe, welcoming environment that is at the core of Ultimate Cheer. 

Athlete Expectations

  1. Athletes and parents understand that this is a one season (July-July) commitment, and that the team depends on you to fulfill your commitment to the squad.
  2. Athletes agree to attend all team training, competitions and showcases
  3. Athletes must arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the class starting, in order to help set up and ensure that class time can be used most effectively for all athletes
  4. Athletes are expected to wear Ultimate Cheer training kit to all practice sessions
  5. Athletes will not wear jewelry during training or competition
  6. Long hair must be tied up neat and secure at all times.
  7. Please be punctual and leave time for changing before the class starts.
  8. Please leave all valuables at home. We are not responsible for lost or missing items.
  9. Please inform your coach if you have any problem that restricts your training.
  10. Do not enter the gym training area without a coach being present.
  11. Do not work on any apparatus without a coaches permission.
  12. As a matter of safety athletes must ask permission to leave the gym during a training session.
  13. Athletes are expected to maintain the skills they had at tryouts. Athletes may be moved if they are not holding true to this.
  14. All accidents, however small, must be reported to your coach.
  15. Members must refrain from the ‘illegal’ consumption of tobacco, alcohol or drugs. If Ultimate Cheer management suspects any member to be under the influence during training they will be prevented from partaking and disciplinary action will be taken.
  16. Athletes will not share/post videos of routine choreography
  17. Athletes will not have long or fake nails.


  1. Ultimate Cheer prides itself on it’s warm, welcoming environment. Our athletes greet each other when they arrive, and welcome newcomers with open arms! Everyone is valued at Ultimate Cheer and has a special place in our club.
  2. Athletes are expected to be courteous, polite and friendly to teammates and coaches
  3. Athletes are encouraged to introduce any newcomers to fellow team members
  4. Athletes will not use inappropriate language or participate in inappropriate behaviour, including physical altercations
  5. Athletes and parents must maintain courteous, respectful and polite communication and behaviour at all times, including in person and other communication channels, including Whatsapp groups. We operate a 24 hour cooling-off policy - if you wish to discuss something with a member of staff, please wait 24 hours before contacting us. All queries/concerns/feedback should be emailed to; whatsapp groups should not be used for this purpose
  6. Athletes and parents must treat all Ultimate Cheer staff and guest coaches with respect.
  7. Athletes must communicate with coaches to ensure they stay healthy and are having fun.

Parent’s Responsibilities

  1. Parents understand that their role is to support their athlete in a positive manner.
  2. Information on communication methods within the club will be sent out after tryouts
  3. Support your athlete by ensuring they wear correct training kit and adhere to our attendance policy
  4. We value our Cheer parents and their role within the club! Parents are encouraged to sit together and support all Ultimate Cheer teams at events.
  5. Parents are not permitted in the gym unless asked by a coach
  6. All parents must wait until their child is collected by a coach for the start of the class
  7. All athletes must go to the toilet before the class starts. All athletes must be able to go to the toilet on their own, if they need assistance a parent must wait in the waiting area to take the to the toilet during the lesson.
  8. Parent/escort must arrive at least 5 minutes before the class ends for pick up.
  9. All children must be picked up from the waiting area by their parent or someone with permission to collect the athlete
  10. All parents must be contactable by phone when the children are in the class.
  11. Please make sure your child knows to come and find a coach/adult if they cannot see the person responsible for collecting them and not to leave the building under any circumstance.
  12. It is your responsibility as the parent or legal guardian of the member/child to inform us of any medical conditions or injuries that your child (the member) has or had in the past, which may affect their health or safety when participating in classes at Ultimate Cheer. Please list any medication that your child is currently taking or needs to use whilst at the class. Please update Ultimate Cheer in the future with any medical conditions or medication needed that arise after joining that may affect your child’s health or safety whilst participating at Ultimate Cheer
  13. Parents/guardians are responsible for looking after their child during competitions. Ultimate Cheer coaches are responsible for athletes from when they are dropped off (by parent/guardian) to the Coach for warm-up until they compete. Parents/guardians are responsible for athletes as soon as athletes step off the competition mat.

Financial Obligations

  1. Members agree to pay the Ultimate Cheer fees as outlined in the Information Packet. Members understand that all holidays and bank holidays have been factored into pricing.
  2. Monthly fees will be paid no later than the dates outlined. Please note any holiday or time off taken by any member does not allow them a reduction in their fees. It is the members/parents responsibility to ensure fees are paid on time, including if payments do not go through or if there are club management software issues. Late fees will still apply in these cases.
  3. All Ultimate Cheer members assume full responsibility for all costs incurred and understand they are contracted to pay regardless of any circumstance that may arise including dismissal from the programme. Late payments will incur late fees.
  4. If an athlete is injured/sick and unable to train/compete (this includes but is not limited to pandemics and epidemics), to retain the space in the team/class, all fees must continue to be paid.
  5. If an athlete is injured/sick and unable to train/compete (this includes but is not limited to pandemics and epidemics), no refunds or credit will be given for classes/events missed.
  6. If a member chooses to leave or is asked to leave Ultimate Cheer for any reason before the season is over, the member must pay for all training undertaken and must provide 1 month’s notice. They must also pay for all outstanding fees, including but not limited to competition fees and merchandise. Money paid in advance is non-refundable - this includes but is not limited to training, competition entry, merchandise, spectator tickets, accommodation, travel and events including socials.
  7. Late fees are charged on all required payments that are not made on time, this includes but is not limited to monthly training fees, competition fees and uniform. If payment is not made within 7 days of being charged (monthly training payments will be taken on the 15th of each month) then there will be a £10 late fee per week late - this will be taken via Coacha. Please note this applies to all required fees, including but not limited to development cheer, flyer classes, tumble classes, competitive cheer and one off payments. There will be a £50 late fee charged to all uniforms orders and payments that miss the deadline. Ensuring payments are made on time is the member/their parent's (for under 18's) responsibility. If there is an issue with the payment system, members/their parents are responsible for ensuring the payment is made on time. Late fees will be charged if payments are late due to technology-related payment processing issues. 

           Member discounts are only available to current competitive members of Ultimate Cheer. 

           These classes are a full season commitment; should you stop being a competitive member part way through the season, you will stop receiving the UC                     member discount. 

           We require a minimum of 1 months notice if athletes wish to cancel or change a class or subscription. Changes and cancellations should be discussed with   

Pandemics & Epidemics

  1. Ultimate Cheer is committed to adhering to government guidelines regarding disease outbreaks. We are taking extensive steps to ensure the safe running of our classes. Ultimate Cheer, including its staff, is not liable for any cases of disease, following attendance at an Ultimate Cheer event.
  2. Should training be impacted by such an event, training will continue virtually for 1 month. If impacted longer than 1 month, fees will be credited to the athletes account (for a maximum of 3 months).
  3. In case of any cancellation or non receipt of competitions, camps, choreography, practices, or any other goods or services due to events or circumstances outside the control of Ultimate Cheer (including but not limited to pandemics and epidemics); Ultimate Cheer will only reimburse or credit customer for the amount of fees cancelled or refunded by vendors, minus any directly related labor and administrative expenses. In any of the above circumstances, Ultimate Cheer is not responsible for payments made to vendors or other providers that are not refunded, whether those payments were made through Ultimate Cheer or directly from customer to vendor

Ultimate Cheer Rules

  1. Parents and athletes cannot sell or create their own Ultimate Cheer CLOTHING or MERCHANDISE for personal use or for sale. This includes the use of team names and any likeness to logo, affiliation and/or program. Any violation, will result in dismissal from the entire programme.
  2. Both athletes and parents agree to use social media in a positive and sportsmanlike manner. Any negative posts are grounds for dismissal from the programme. Please understand that it is Ultimate Cheer’s policy that coaches do not accept requests from athletes or parents to Friend or Follow them on any social media
  3. All content, including messages, images and videos, shared with other members and in group chats must be appropriate. In regards to training videos, athletes should be dressed appropriately.
  4. No explicit language or inappropriate behaviour, including rough housing, may be used around minors.
  5. Cheerleading is a TEAM sport, therefore the team always comes first. Routines may change and roles may swap, please always support the coaches and understand they are making the best decision for the team.
  6. Club uniforms may not be worn as ‘fancy dress’ or worn in situations that may bring the club into disrepute; this includes current and past members. Uniform/training kit may not be work at social events outside of training.

Disciplinary Action

  1. It shall be Ultimate Cheer policy that disciplinary action will only be taken as a last resort, and that every reasonable attempt will be made to avoid situations likely to lead to such action through discussion and positive encouragement, by example and by finding ways and means to correct negative trends.
  2. An athlete may be suspended from performances/competitions for the following reasons: unexcused absence, excessive absence, failure to listen to/cooperate with coaches or failure to abide by the Ultimate Cheer policies.
  3. An athlete may be dismissed from the programme for the following reasons: excessive and irreconcilable disruptive influence on the team/squad/programme; excessive absence; flagrant disregard of their own and others’ health and safety; bringing the squad into disrepute and as otherwise deemed necessary by the Head Coach. In such instances athletes will receive a verbal or written warning but if the behaviour/issues continue the club retains the right to withdraw them from their team and the club.
  4. Likewise, any parent that does not abide by the Ultimate Cheer policies and procedures risks their athlete(s) being dismissed from the programme.
  5. Ultimate Cheer is not obliged to return monies paid for/by athletes who are dismissed from the programme.