Non-Competitive Classes

Recreational Cheerleading

Our Recreational Cheer classes are great for all kids interested in starting Cheerleading – no experience is necessary to join! The class covers all aspects of the sport, including stunting, tumbling, dance and jumps. Our experienced coaches ensure athletes learn skills with excellent technique, with a focus on athlete safety, while also including games and challenges into the session. Recreational athletes have the opportunity to perform in our annual Showcase, so friends and family can see what they have learnt!


We have 3 recreational teams to suit all ages: Baby Aces (3-6 years), Jokers (7-12 years) and Dynamite (13-17 years). Our Recreational Cheer classes run:


Mondays 6.15 – 7.15pm


Start Cheerleading for only £25/month!

Under 18’s Tumbling

Are you looking for kids gymnastics classes? Cheerleading and tumbling offers similar opportunities whilst benefiting from being a team sport! This season your child will not only learn fundamental tumbling skills, but also develop invaluable teamwork and social skills whilst building their confidence and making lifelong friendships! Our experienced tumble coaches, includeing an ex-GB gymnast, ensure your child is getting top-quality coaching and feedback in the class. We also have a sprung 9-panel Cheer floor with extensive tumbling equipment, meaning your child is learning in the best facilities!

We offer a range of tumble classes on different days and times to fit your schedule! Children can start learning to tumble with us from the age of 5! Our tumble classes are suitable for all abilities and run at the following times:


  • Mondays: 5.30-6.30pm
  • Wednesdays: 5-6pm
  • Thursdays: 6.30-7.30pm
  • Sundays: 7-8pm (Advanced tumble – must have a standing back handspring)

Members £39/month

Non-members £59/month


Over 18’s Tumbling

Our adult-only tumbling classes are suitable for those who are new to tumbling, as well as athletes with previous or advanced gymnastics experience. Our incredible coaches are experienced in teaching adults of all abilities, with a strong focus on perfecting technique and achieving new skills. All our tumble classes are held in our gym which has a 9-panel sprung Cheer floor (the only one in London!) and get use of our extensive tumbling equipment. Our Adult tumbling classes run:


Wednesdays 6 – 7pm

Members £39/month

Non-members £59/month

Stretch & Flexibility Class

Our stretching and flexibility class is aimed at anyone looking to enhance their flexibility and jumps! The jump portion of the class focuses on improving your jump power and speed, while the stretching portion allows athletes to improve flexibility (a skill that helps all aspects of Cheer!) This is a popular class with flyers, dancers and tumblers, it is open to everyone ages 6-18+! Our stretching and flexibility classes take place on:


  • Tuesdays: 7-8pm
  • Wednesdays: 6-7pm


Members £20/month

Non-members £30/month