Private Tumbling





We offer private 1:1 tumbling classes for athletes looking to progress their tumbling skills. Sessions last half an hour and are an amazing way to quickly progress on a skill you’ve been working on. You will have your own coach and be able to choose exactly what your goals are for the session. It will be fully tailored to you and the skills you wish to master! All our tumbling equipment is in house which means you can train in your usual venue. We have a fully sprung tumble track, an air track, qualified coaches and other equipment which will help you progress until you are confident performing the tumbles on the mat.



Many tumble classes with private coaches are further out and difficult to get to. In order to find places with the equipment you need you often have to travel quite a distance. Ultimate Cheer facilities are located right near Clapham South tube station, so it is really well connected for transport links and easy to get to if you live in South London. You will also benefit from being coached by your usual coaches who you would have already formed a relationship with from your usual training sessions! This makes the sessions fun and easy. You won’t need to spend time getting a new coach up to speed on what you wish to learn and what you are already capable of. This will save a lot of time so you can focus on the tumbling!



Private tumbling classes are for anyone and everyone. A lot of athletes come for kids or adult beginner gymnastics but many come to build on their more intermediate skills. You can choose what you do in the lessons and what you want to learn. The dedicated coach will run through all the drills required to build up the skill which you can work on in your own time. They will also go through the technique and start you off on equipment which will support your progress until you are able to do your tumble on the mat without help.



Training will be structured and focused. You will be sure you are receiving the attention you need to progress quickly. These small group sessions are the quickest way to improve at tumbling and give you the best opportunity to keep practicing a tumble. You won’t need to wait around for your turn with the coach as they will only be working with you. Coaches can give you drills to practice at home so that you can keep improving after your session! Sessions will start with a warm up and stretch then you will practice some drills before starting skill practice.


UC members will soo be able to book 1:1 sessions through their Coacha account! If you are not a member of Ultimate Cheer – you can still book 1:1 sessions with us! Simply email to set up an account with us.