Looking for Adult-only tumbling? Or kids tumbling? We got you!

Please note: due to COVID our tumble classes have been suspended. Register now to be the first notified when they restart!




What is tumbling?

Tumbling is similar to the floor element of gymnastics where you see gymnastics or cheerleading flipping and doing somersaults across the room! Many people looking for gymnastics classes often discover it is actually the tumbling element which appealed to them.


Cheerleading combines elements of gymnastics, dance, and stunting organised into a routine which can be performed at competitions competing against other cheerleading routines across the country. Competing is optional as we also have non-competitive teams however cheerleading competitions are one of the best parts!




What can we offer you?

Ultimate Cheer offers adult tumbling classes and a separate class which teaches tumbling for children! We have equipment in-house which means you won’t need to travel anywhere to practice your improving tumbling skills. We have a sprung tumble track, a 7 panel Cheer floor and an air track. The means no matter what your skill set we have equipment which can safely get you to the next step in learning a new skill. We offer adult tumbling, tumbling for toddlers and tumbling for kids.




When are our classes?

Our tumbling classes, childrens tumbling and adult tumbling, are once a week Book onto one of our Tumbling classes now!


Kids: 6 – 7pm

Adults: 7 – 8pm

This class is suitable for those who are new to tumbling, as well as athletes with previous gymnastics experience. We have some amazing coaches, excellent tumbling/gym equipment and classes will cover the fundamentals of tumbling, with a strong focus on perfecting technique.

The class will cover standing and running tumbling (both important aspects of competitive Cheer routines). It will help prepare athletes to execute competition-standard cheerleading routines, as well as more advanced skills when older.

Classes are £200/term; term dates and further details can be found here


Is there much gymnastics in cheerleading?

Many people who join an All star Cheer team are either starting as beginners or have done University Cheer. Some of you may have been part of a gymnastics club before and maybe aren’t aware of the level of gymnastics involved in Cheer! At Ultimate Cheer we have a dedicated programme which helps to improve your tumbling skills! With the option to meet weekly to practice on proper tumbling gym equipment you’ll see progress quicker than you think!


Some of the stunting we do is similar to acrogymnastics. We lift athletes in the air where they do a range of stunts and stretches!


Looking for adult gymnastics in London?

Adult gymnastics classes involve a number of elements including floor, tumble, bar and beam. Our coed adult tumbling classes allow athletes to focus on the most popular aspect of gymnastics, tumbling! We have the experience and equipment to get you flipping! We also organise regular socials providing an excellent way to make new friends and keep fit in a fun way. For this reason many adults choose to try cheerleading and tumbling as it’s a fun way to learn new tricks, build strength and make a whole team of friends.


Gymnastics for children

Are you looking for gymnastics classes for children? Cheerleading and tumbling offers similar opportunities whilst benefiting from being a team sport! This season your child will not only learn fundamental tumbling skills, but also develop invaluable teamwork and social skills whilst building their confidence and making lifelong friendships! Children can start learning to tumble with us from the age of 6!