What is Cheerleading?

Cheerleading is a team-based sport that involves stunting, pyramids, baskets, tumbling, jumps and dance. It was initially started in the USA, and now its the fastest growing sport in the UK. Why? Because it’s fun! To perform a Cheerleading routine you need to be able to throw someone in the air then immediately do your gymnastics tumble pass. You need to have a variety of skills to compete a routine – and this variety means the sport is always exciting!


Competitive Cheerleading is a very athletic sport, that does not involve pom-poms (like sideline Cheer). It involves competing a high-energy, two and a half minute routine at competitions across the country (and abroad!). Teams compete against other Cheer teams and a panel of judges score the routines, to decide the rankings.




Every athlete gains so much from doing Cheerleading. Not only athletic skills, like learning to jump, stunt and flip, but also lifelong friends!


Being part of a team means you work together for the same goal, gaining trust in your teammates and building your own confidence both on and off the Cheer mat! Cheerleading also fosters team-working skills, good sportsmanship and commitment in athletes. Ultimate Cheer has a safe, supportive, fun environment, to make sure athletes progress to be the best Cheerleaders they can be!



Who can do Cheerleading?

Everyone can! That’s the best part of this sport. Cheerleading definitely isn’t just for girls, some of the most impressive routines are from co-ed teams! Cheer caters for ALL abilities, from complete beginners to experts – there is a team for you! Cheerleading also has divisions for every age range from children to adults (meaning that once you fall in love with the sport, you never have to stop!).



What is the difference between All Star and school Cheerleading?

The simple answer is that a school team is affiliated with a school that all members will attend. All Star Cheerleading is not affiliated with a school, sports team or university. It is a Cheerleading club that exists to solely to train and compete!



What do all of these Cheerleading words mean?!

If you are new to Cheer, then all these terms can be a bit overwhelming! Check out these short definitions that will help you out:

  • Stunting: When a group of (1-4) people lift a Cheerleader (called the flyer) in the air
  • Pyramid: When lots of flyers in stunts connect with each other to perform harder skills
  • Tumbling: This is the gymnastics element of Cheer, and is when athletes flip!