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Adult cheerleading in London
Did someone say Sprung Floor?

We take great pride in being the home of Inner London’s ONLY sprung Cheer floor. This remarkable feature sets our facility apart and provides an unparalleled training experience for our Cheerleaders. The sprung floor allows athletes to perform at their best and creates an even safer training environment. Whether you’re stunting, jumping or perfecting your tumbling skills, our sprung floor provides the ideal space to train.


In addition to our impressive sprung cheer floor, we boast a wide range of top-of-the-line equipment specifically for tumbling. Our facility is equipped with an air track, crash mats, wedges and a trampette, providing a safe and supportive environment for athletes to master new tumbling skills. Whether you’re working on walkovers, aerials, or advanced tumbling passes, our equipment ensures that you can progress with confidence under the guidance of our experienced coaches in our weekly tumble classes.


Ultimate cheer is more than a cheer squad – it’s a family. Our athletes are welcoming, fun, and kind! When you join the Ultimate Cheer community you’ll make friendships that will last a lifetime.


“Being a part of Ultimate Cheer means experiencing a season (and beyond) of energy, solidarity, and friendship” – Darcy Athlete


Cheerleading is more than just learning to stunt and tumble! At Ultimate Cheer, we have a strong emphasis on building confidence, responsibility, and teamwork in a supportive environment. Helping every athlete become the best they can be.  

Adult cheerleading in London

Adult cheerleading in London
World-class coaching

After five years of perfecting our coaching program – our coaches know what they’re doing! From seasoned judges, who know the scoresheet inside out, to Worlds athletes and GB tumblers. You will be learning from the best of the best.


Our competitive teams receive professional choreography and technique clinics to help create and perform spectacular routines that max out the scoresheet and leave the audience wanting more! ALL of our competitive teams are overseen by our Head Coach, Tasmin, who is a Varsity and IASF qualified judge in all areas of the scoresheet. Tasmin has judged with all the major EPs in the UK and also internationally. This means we know the scoresheet and how to help you put out the best routine possible!


Ultimate Cheer also runs monthly camps and clinics with a hand-picked selection of external coaches to help all athletes level up and be the best they can be! From jumps clinics with flexibility experts to monthly partner stunting camps with World Champions, we have something for everyone.

We have fun!

At our training sessions, our athletes not only work hard but also have a blast while doing it. We believe in creating an incredible environment where fun and passion go hand in hand with dedication and skill development. Our training sessions are so positive because they are filled with athletes supporting and motivating each other. Our team of experienced coaches foster a nurturing and encouraging atmosphere, in which every training session becomes an opportunity to grow, learn, and achieve greatness together.


Join our remarkable community and experience the joy of training in an environment where friendships are forged, accomplishments are celebrated, and the love for cheerleading shines through every routine.

Adult cheerleading in London

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